LCF Refrigerated units

LCF Refrigerated units

Our condensing units are customizable and adaptable to several applications, they can be made either by ventilated refrigeration or water condensation.

All copper and stainless steel tube components are own produced and brazing, according to our high standard quality level. They are assembled and fit to a valuable components (such as compressors, motor fans, filling valves, etc….).

The final product pass through high functional quality testing control by a sophisticate and dedicated equipment, packed by solid and strong single cardboard boxes, ready to use.

Upon request we can supply accessories such as electrical wiring, stainless steel basement and painted steel bodies. Our strengths is flexibility, which allows us to satisfy our customers from small to big production volume.

LCF is a certified company:

Do you want to make your "made-to-measure" product?

From drawings provided by the customer and high quality.
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