LCF Refrigerated units

LCF Refrigerated units

Thanks to the experience gathered in previous years in the world of refrigeration systems, LCF is today able to build refrigeration unites that can be adapted to different components, based on ventilation cooling or water condensation principle. Following our clients requests, we can offer Standard or Customized solutions: you chose the way your refrigeration system must be!

All the copper and steel components are braze welded, assembled of high quality parts as compressors, fan motors, exhaust valves, etc., always according to our high-level standards.

Our strong point is flexibility: we can offer on request such accessories as electric wiring, steel stands, painted sheet metal body-shells, saturators (build according our own specifications),etc.

Before delivery, the 100% of the finished products are subdued to control and ready finish functional tests in climate chamber, then packed in separate safe boxes and you get them ready to use!

All this, plus our passion and dedication to team work affords us to satisfy our clients requirements from small volume orders to big ones, up to a mass production.

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