Stainless steel serpentine


We have a CNC tube-shaper made by BLM Group and a modern updated last generation SMI Group machines; we have calendeWe have a CNC tube-shaper made by BLM Group and a modern updated last generation SMI Group machines; we have calenders and semi-automatic tooling specifically studied to make aluminum, copper and steel tubing, in dierent shape and sizes to be used in several applications.

The precision of our procedures allows the application in milled plates.

Our serpentines are equipped, on customer's demand, with dierent kinds of spacers to meet all kind of requirement.

Some copper serpentines, being used for special applications, are treated with a particular galvanic process composed of 99% pure tin, lead and impurities completely free, granting the tube a perfect protection against corrosion. For dierent applications, our serpentines are painted or protected by a special shrink sleeve.

Other models are being used for wall heating systems, for electronic components cooling, in the food industry, beer draft, and special applications in medical field

Copper serpentine

Produced in the most varied shapes, flat, circular, irregular geometry, small and large, from small to large diameters; they find space in the field of cold, heat and many others.

They can be supplied with brazed fittings and spacers in stainless steel or PVC depending on the application.

Stainless steel serpentine

Manufactured in stainless steel Aisi 304 and Aisi 316, they are perfect for a wide variety of uses related to food and beverages. They can be made with incisions for quick couplings and with TIG welded or braze-welded fittings depending on the application. They can be supplied with stainless steel or PVC spacers.

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Aluminum serpentine

Produced in different shapes and sizes, they are widely developed in the refrigeration sector and in many other sectors are automatically realized with CNC machines to ensure maximum precision.

Serpentine treated with galvanic process

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