Customized Units

Customized Units

Our condensing units are customizable and adaptable to different applications, and can be based refrigerating ventilation principle or water condensing one.

All the components in copper or steel are braze welded by us in our factory, according to our high-level standards.

All the copper and steel components are braze welded, assembled of high quality parts as compressors, fan motors, exhaust valves, etc..

On request, you can have such accessories like electric cabling, steel stand painted sheet metal body shell. Our strong point is flexibility. It affords us to satisfy big or small amount of our clients’ orders.

If you want to build a product according to your design with the specifics you need –contact LCF!

We will follow you up all through the project/sizing of your refrigerating system, up to the final product according to your requests. Contact us to discover the best solution to your needs!

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Do You want to evaluate/produce Your personalized items according to Your technical drawings?

From drawings supplied by the customer and of high quality.
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